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 Projet bascinet de joute

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Le Helmier
Le Helmier

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MessageSujet: Projet bascinet de joute   Ven 6 Oct - 21:48

Haute précision de Tobias Capwell :
"Four of those great basinets were made by Emrys for a TV program (Discovery Channel/Channel 4 -UK-) on jousting that I worked on as trainer and historical advisor a few years ago.

They were made with exchangable joust and tourney/foot combat visors, and essentially were based on the great basinet with jousting visor that now forms part of Churburg CH19. See for an image of the whole armour (in the armoury tour element). The armour has also been published in a number of different books, the key works by L.G. Boccia being the best place to look.

CH19 is probably the best, but not only, great basinet with jousting visor surviving. This is why we chose to use it as our main reference for the new helmets.

However, because poor Emrys had to make 4 in a single month, he had to cut a couple corners in terms of the construction. The visors were constructed in two pieces riveted together in the manner of a jousting helm, rather than in a single piece as is the case with the original. There is to my immediate knowledge no evidence for jousting visors for great basinets being made in this way, but it is essentially an accurate construction technique and one that made it possible to meet the deadline. But they really should have been one piece.

The locks were also different; the original once had a spring pin lock mounted on the inside of the right side of the visor, which was released by pulling a cord that protruded from a hole below the rivets holding the strip of sprung steel in place. The TV helmets just has side-mounted turn-pins, which weren't right but were easier and faster and that's all we could manage in the time-frame. The best modern version of the CH19-type great basinet is the one made by Jeff and Per mentioned previously. The only difference in that case is that the skull is made in one piece as opposed to two like CH19 (main skull piece and lower neck plate). But I am sure other armourers have made them too; its a famous and exceptionally beautiful helmet.

Also, the sights on the TV helmets were made significantly narrower than the original. This was because, in the program, we were asking four riders with no previous jousting experience to joust with solid lances in armour that we had designed and constructed for them. Experienced jousters know the game and have the experience to make their own safety calls. These guys didn't, so we erred on the side of caution.

Perhaps too much actually; you couldn't see a damn thing out of them!

So if you want to build one, don't follow the ones in program, work from the real thing.



En résumé : pas historique.

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MessageSujet: Peux t-il nous aider ?   Sam 7 Oct - 1:08

Connaît-il un fourbisseur, forgeron ou autre qui pourrait nous aider... Il me semble qu'il est membre de l'orde du croissant. Je joint des modèles.
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Projet bascinet de joute
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